Women talk about everything and anything. You name it. Women talk freely about their troubles personnel or personal. They’re not afraid to discuss fears or self-doubts. For many women, talk about sex are significant in their lives, ... Many women select as their friends other women with whom they can talk freely about sex.

Women talk freely about everything and anything

Many men agree: women can’t just say something; they need to say something before they say it. There was a time when my friend (a girl) talked freely to me about sex and it annoyed me. I didn't like to have friend talking to me about such things and I rejected.

Women will reveal their insecurities, their latest diet, the trials of their uterus, their dreams the list goes on. Any topic is fair game. Two women strangers sitting next to each other on a two-hour plane ride will arrive at their destination knowing how many children each has, their marital troubles, any school dilemmas, and what kind of birth control they each use.