As humans, we are social creatures. Being around other people is natural for us, and when you have healthy relationships, you enjoy spending time with those people. People with whom you share healthy relationships will keep you company when you are lonely, make you feel good about yourself, and lend a supportive ear when you want to talk about something that is bothering you. After coming away from a pleasant lunch with a friend, you can feel great for the rest of the day, especially when you remember that you have provided happiness to your friend as well because you are the source of a healthy relationship in their life.
Healthy Relationships Provide Valuable Social Time
Great relationships take work and thoughtfulness every day

In order to have a healthy relationship, it's important to bear in mind that you can't offer your partner everything they need to feel well-rounded and fulfilled. And vice versa. Both of you should have a support group you can reach out to, when it comes to weathering life's ups and downs. But if your partner is constantly reaching out to someone else, before they reach out to you, or if they're getting their emotional needs fulfilled elsewhere, that's not OK.

    You don’t expect your partner to fix all of your problems, so you work on fixing them yourself
    You speak up about what you want (because you don’t expect the other person to always know)
    You cut each other some slack
Bad relationship concept. Man and woman in disagreement. Young couple after quarrel sitting on sofa
Great relationships need communication know-how

Great relationships are based on realistic expectations
Forget what you see in the movies or on television. In other words, real relationships aren’t anything like what you see in the movies full of non-stop romance, candlelight dinners and whirlwind trips to exotic locations.
Girl and Boy Relationship
I Wish You Could Be More Like Them

Real relationships take effort, time and commitment. Great relationships just don’t happen because two people love each very much, great relationships happen because not only do two people love each other very much, they also value one another and are willing to make an investment of time into the relationship – day after day.

Couples in healthy and positive relationships have a fundamental understanding of the proper and appropriate expectations for a stable and long-lasting relationship. They understand that not all days will be full or passion and romance. Similarly, they understand that rough spots in a relationship may only be temporary if good communication is present to work through these times.

A good way to look at this is to consider not getting too excited with the very high “highs” or too concerned with the very low “lows.” Both are momentary at best, and will not define the true nature and scope of the relationship over a long period of time. By reframing these extremes, you will be left with the right measure of balance and the right set of expectations to build a quality and sustainable relationship for many years to come.